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What makes Paul want to inspire his audience to work safer? The simple answer he doesn’t want anyone else, their family and friends to go through what he, family and friends have had to go through over the years.

Paul is unique as far as we know in the United Kingdom, he is the first and only person to have his left arm reattached above the elbow after an industrial accident. Unfortunately, even to this day the accident is not unique as the cause of the accident was complacency of people, organisation and industry. Paul’s accident was part of the BBC’s 999 program.

Paul very much believes in tailoring presentations to his clients, so there is maximum buy in of his audience and with that in mind Paul has had his presentation Man v Machine – Journey of Complacency CPDd accredited so audience members can claim CPD points for their continuous professional development.

In 2018 Paul even wrote a book about his experiences, named after his presentation. Not bad for someone who got an F in GCSE English, his English teachers would be proud.

To compliment the inspiring work Paul deliveries to organisations, he can deliver LEGO Serious Play facilitation for deeper understanding to achieve safe workplaces, DISC personality assessments or fresh eyes site visits looking for the great things happening on site and the out of the blue missed events on site.

To inspire that safer workplace culture Paul believes that a smile, laugh, a tear and a thought-provoking presentation is what helps inspire that action needed to work safe and home safe attitude that we all aim for and want to achieve.

Paul has an easy-going personality and is always open to have discussions about how he, workmates, organisation and industry got it wrong and how they have changed their approach to become safer.

Paul has spoken around the world to industries far and wide. Even though Paul’s story sits beautifully with those in manufacturing and engineering, the story suits all industries as it will help highlight to organisations, where Paul, his colleagues, employer and industry were concerning behaviours, cultures and leadership.

It is about people and organisations being honest about their own current position concerning health and safety and the culture that exists within it and what they need to address and celebrate.

Paul very much follows this mantra ‘If my presentation can help just one person to pause, act and lead to work safe and in doing so helping others to do the same then I am a happy person in achieving that goal of getting everyone home safe’.

As Reagan said, ‘We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.’ It is very much how we get safer people in the workplace.

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