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Workplace Health and Safety Guest Speaker

Health and Safety Presentation - Duty of Care

Inspiring direction to a safe culture in the workplace

Paul's story is a powerful, emotional journey that cannot fail to grab the attention of anyone listening, from Directors, supervisors and operatives alike.
Paul talks openly and willingly about the physical and physiological effects of his accident and experiences; the effects on his personal life including his family and friends, the financial and emotional costs, his mental and physical struggle, and his commitment to inspire and make a difference.
Ultimately Paul's story is an uplifiting one and is sure to make an impression on any gathering of people, be it at a motivational training day or simply a group of people at a gathering such as a dinner or function. Paul's valuable experience can be used to inspire the younger generation in schools, colleges or young offenders institutes.
If you would like Paul to cover a specific theme in a presentation please contact Paul and he will gladly provide a talk tailored to your requirements drawing on his own experience and circumstances that will provide meaning and impact.
Paul's story is primarily about overcoming adversity and jumping seemingly impossible hurdles, and that no matter how difficult the journey may be in the end it can be a fulfilling experience.

Stretch your audience's horizons

Audiences will walk away from this talk with a much greater engagement and understanding of health and safety, having witnessed and listened to the effects first hand of getting it wrong.
Paul has worked alongside many companies who have reaped the benefits of showing staff and contractors what the effects of ignoring health and safety guidelines could be. Paul's story provides a personal first hand testimonial of the importance of health and safety in the work place that company inductions often lack.

Inspiring Safety

Presentations can be anything from a few hours to 30 minutes

The Presentation

Below are some example slides taken from a presentation to give you an idea of what to expect from one of Paul's Health and Safety Presentations.
Health and Safety Presentation - Man vs Machine
Health and Safety in the workplace
Health and Safety presentation
Health and Safety presentation mistake
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